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Well-Care Services

Mental Health Billing in Tamarac, Florida


As a well-care service provider, we manage your outreach program to help maintain communication with your patients. We provide great public relations services designed to increase patient loyalty and promote referrals. Our service consists of letters, postcards, and emails to remind patients of their need for various services, such as check-ups, testing, immunizations, etc. We can also send greeting and birthday cards. We maintain a positive relationship with your clients that goes beyond treatment in your office.

The program provides the following benefits:

  • Promotes and Maintains Patient Relationships

  • Keeps Office Staff Focused on Helping Care For Patients

  • Builds the Medical Practice and Increases Profits

  • Complements Any Existing Customer Care Programs

  • Pays For Itself As Patients Respond To The Program

  • Gives The Doctor More Time To Be A Doctor

Patient and Dentist
Doctor's Visit

Some Samples of Well-Care Cards:

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